Iris Kimberg consults personally with therapists to improve the strategic, financial and operational parameters of a therapy entity regardless of whether it is a start up, in expansion mode or getting ready for sale. Iris has worked with therapists around the country involved in unique and diverse business endeavors ranging from traditional hand therapy practices, pediatric home care agencies, orthopedic practices, wellness centers, continuing education companies, placement services, senior care housing placement services and more.

Her base fee for services is $200 per hour, pro-rated for individual therapists and partnerships to $350.00 per hour for established contract agencies. Discounted packages for those therapists who want ongoing consulting services are also available. There is no minimum time commitment and based on your need, consultations can be on a short or long term basis. For some this can mean projects like developing a marketing plan and letter writing campaign; for others it is guidance in answering RFPs to become Early Intervention providers or to provide services in the school systems.

To date, Iris has consulted with over 700 PT OT and ST practices throughout the United States in various stages of starting, growing or selling a practice. Consultations can be done in person via email, Skype or telephone. Many people meet with Iris in her Tribeca penthouse, which most feel is inspiration enough. Iris also meets with people in the New Paltz NY area during the summer as well as the Fort Myers Florida area in the winter. When appropriate, Iris can meet with you at your office. All consultations are strictly confidential. Consultations with Iris are for informational purposes and do not replace consultations with attorneys or accountants but can certainly make you better prepared and more informed.

How do you know when a consultation would be helpful? Here’s what Iris says about how you can decide whether you could benefit from some “one on one”:

When You Don’t Know Where to Start, Start Here:

Many of the e-mails and telephone calls I receive start out by saying “I have always wanted to…” or “I dream of one day starting…”. This is the best time to seek advice! You are motivated, still gainfully employed and no mistakes have been made. Starting a private practice is a multifaceted endeavor. The day to day operations, the service, and the end product are the result of both comprehensive planning and making sure you establish a practice that matches your business and professional abilities. You are fortunate if the reason you want to start a practice is because you have already identified a particular need or niche out in the marketplace rather than because you yourself have a need. During the initial consultation, I often help:

  1. Identify what need your practice can fulfill.
  2. Discuss options for the legal structure of your company
  3. Review start up insurance requirements /record keeping
  4. Determine the best location for your therapy entity and what to look for in a lease.
  5. Establish a preliminary market /branding plan, including name selection, and logos
  6. Evaluate participation in insurance plans
  7. Establish a cash base in your practice and determine billing system

Follow-up consultations generally include advice on how to present your practice to the public including:

  1. Devising a specific market plan geared toward promotion and publicity, press releases, developing word of mouth referrals, and marketing directly to the consumer
  2. How to continuing growing your practice for the first year.

For Therapists Already in Practice Who Want to Expand or Need to Jumpstart

Most therapists in this category are at the stage where they want to take their practice to a new level but are not sure how to proceed. Others may have taken their foot off the gas pedal, but not even know it. Some need guidance making decisions about expanding to another location, branching out into other specialty areas, hiring other therapists, or bidding on competitive contracts to become exclusive providers both in the public or private sector. I help to assess what areas of your business can be improved and then establish a plan of action or correction outlining specific results that will be achieved. My hands on approach to the implementation of these steps insure that you and your business are meeting established goals and objectives.

Consultations in this area are generally very specific to the issues raised; they can include:

  1. Discussing the parameters/ pros/ cons of hiring therapists as independent contractors or employees
  2. Preparing and winning RFPs and service contracts in your area
  3. Evaluating plans for opening a second location
  4. Expanding your existing referral base.
  5. Evaluating your position in managed care
  6. Initiating new marketing campaigns
  7. How to deal with increased competition in the marketplace
  8. How to integrate complementary and cash based services
  9. How to institute incentive compensation plans
  10. Positioning yourself to maximize rewards from the Health Care Reform Act

Consolidations in healthcare and the permanence of managed care must be dealt with effectively and advantageously. It is challenging to determine if you have adapted in the best way possible as both a therapist and business person to current conditions. Some therapists might suspect a “problem” in their practice, but may not clearly see what the problem is, or be able to determine the solution. Others may have pinpointed certain issues in their practices but need validation that they are on the right track for the solution. Most of us have wondered at some point whether we should strive to grow bigger either through acquisitions or joint ventures or stay within a defined specific market that we feel most comfortable in. A few of us are concerned even though we experienced short term success – when demand exceeds supply it is difficult NOT to do well in the short term. The challenge is to make sure that your success will be sustained and continue because of your good management, forward strategic thinking, and of course good service

For Those Ready to Prepare your Practice for a Sale or Merger:

At this point, most therapists have worked very hard for many years to build their practices or therapy companies. The hardest work may be yet to come; preparing your entity for sale or merger means “getting all your ducks in a row” and coming up with a realistic exit strategy. Not unlike putting real estate on the market, it is always better to paint and clean up before your open house. This again is very specific consultations dependent on the areas in which your practice/entity needs “fine tuning”. The goal here is to help your practice puts its best face forward for the best end results for you! Typical areas evaluated are revenue and cash flow, sources of referrals, contracts awarded (competitive/non competitive), geographic presence, infrastructure of your organization, and your viability in the market place both with and without you in the equation. Consultation regarding the overall valuation of your practice including goodwill, letters of intent, and evaluating potential buyers are also available.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working together. Please feel free to email me at . (This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions about the consultation process.)

Testimonials from Clients

Working on practice owners requires confidentiality and many therapists and I enjoy a long term relationship over the years whereby I offer advice and information on an as needed basis. When I work with therapist on practice sales, again confidentiality is a must and it is a business as usual attitude until a deal is signed, sealed and delivered. Not all deals come to fruition. Sometimes buyers back out, or lose funding. Sometimes sellers fall back in love with their practices and pull them from the market. But more often than not, the torch is passed and the deal is done. At that time many therapists feel comfortable offering input on what it is like to work together.

Here are some testimonials from the last 5 years.

“Iris has been a great help in consulting with regarding the sale of my physical therapy practices on two occasions. She was able to give me a sense of what seemed appropriate, an overview of the marketing and sale process, and an informed ear to listen to my questions and concerns along the way. She has also been able to assist with recommending or providing various useful resources related to the process.”  Name to be released as soon as deal closes!”

“Iris Kimberg is extremely professional and fully transparent. She is smart, wise, honest and great fun to work with. Iris is an OT, PT, professor and successful business owner who keeps emotions at bay and zeros in on the key components to making a deal work or not work. She is not about the money, but about making her client as logical, organized, informed and reasonable in preparing for the management or sale of their company. She stays true to her role as consultant and advisor, having lawyers or accountants brought in only when necessary. Iris worked to advise me during my years running a successful, free-standing pediatric private practice in order to build and manage it well. Her leading questions led me to make informed and independent decisions. The practice flourished.

When it came to selling my practice she worked with me every step of the process, from timing, asking me the right questions, informing me about the valuation process and sales options, and trends in the marketplace. She helped me do a lot of the leg work, prepped me for negotiations, cautioned me to barriers throughout the process and helped to keep expenses to a minimum. In doing so, the timing and need for costly legal and accounting advisors was avoided until the deal was practically sealed. Her consultations ultimately helped me successfully and satisfactorily sell my practice.
In a nano second I would use her over and over again to advise in practice management and practice sale “.
Laurie Kalb, OT
Professional Growth Seminars, LLC
2013 NJ”

“Iris was an enormous assistance in selling my practice 5 years ago. She guided me into valuation of space, materials, helped to identify other asserts, and certainty brought forward vetted several serious potential clients. My practice was in contract within 6 weeks. My only suggestion would be to limit potential clients conversations with Iris to a total of 60 minutes as less “secure” individuals eat up a lot of time that costs the seller dearly.”
Sincerely  Leslie Marra, OTR/BCP”

“Iris was very helpful in the sale of my practice. Through negotiation with the buyer she got me more money than I got on my own not only for the purchase price but also for my employment contract following the sale.”
L.H PT adult ortho 2012 NYC

“I recently worked with Iris Kimberg on the sale of my therapy practice. She was professional, knowledgeable and conducted herself with integrity throughout the entire process. There is no other name in the industry with the reputation she has earned over the years. I recommend her services with utmost confidence. “
– VP, pediatric OT NY 2017

“When I decide to sell my business, I had no idea where to start and what would I need, Iris gave me hope and direction. She explained everything and guided me step by step. My package looked very professional when potential buyers showed up. I am very grateful for her support. A.M” holistic health PT California 2017

“When I was approached by a company interested in buying my physical therapy practice, I was completely taken by surprise and totally out of my element. I knew it was an opportunity I didn’t want to mishandle. I had heard a webinar Iris had done for the APTA Private Practice Section and decided to reach out to her. During our phone consultation I was immediately impressed by the depth of her knowledge and how articulate she is. Iris valued the practice and guided me through every step until the deal was completed. We communicated often, by phone and email, and I was impressed by the quality and timeliness of her responses”.
D.J, Adult PT Practice, Florida 2017/18