Recording Now Available – Documenting for Medicare Part B Chart Audits to Prevent the Now What Moment

Notwithstanding the fact that chart audits should be viewed as  part of doing business as a Medicare provider, most therapists respond to a audit notice with dread and trepidation.  If and when CMS asks for copies of all your documentation, instead of fearing the worst and looking for blame – Was it the billing?  The notes?  it may just be that the answer is, it was just your time.  As Medicare providers, you are at risk for a chart audit sooner or later.  In fact, every claim you submit undergoes statistical analysis, and Medicare compares your claims data to the data for all other claims submitted.
Instead of fear, panic, and  blame, let’s be ready and prepared.
This was a GREAT and very informative  webinar offered by Evelyn Capdevila, MPT. Not all webinars are so informative with concrete information that you can listen to, and immediately make changes to how you and your staff document, bill, get plans of care etc.  This webinar  provides you with the necessary information and tools to effectively handle chart audits and avoid insufficient documentation outcomes and denials. This is appropriate for both PTs and OTs who bill Medicare Part B.

Learning Objectives:

1) Understand key components for evaluation, notes, progress notes and discharge notes required by Medicare

2) Optimize evaluations, re-evaluations, progress notes, discharge summaries for Medicare part B services

3) Understand how to document patient care to show value and progression to reduce or avoid denials

4)Identify common errors in documentation

5) Review case studies to improve your ability to demonstrate skill and medical necessity

6)  Implement defensible clinical documentation that demonstrates skill, medical necessity, and value.

7) Understand how to code and bill in accordance with documentation

8)Learn what steps to take to prepare for an audit

9) Implement standardized tests

Upon request, once you complete a post webinar quiz, you can receive  a certificate of participation for 1.5 hours.  $75.00  Webinar includes a handout and copy of the powerpoint. All registrants will receive a link to the recording of the webinar.

** This webinar, presented by Evelyn Capdevila, MPT, is intended for educational and informational purposes services only.



Recording Now Available - Documenting for Outpatient Medicare Chart Audits to Prevent the Now What Moment
Recording Now Available - Documenting for Outpatient Medicare Chart Audits to Prevent the Now What Moment
Price: $75.00

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