Get the Recording! What about Peds?? Pediatric PTs and OTs – Best Practices for Coding, Billing and Documentation

WHAT about PEDS??? Pediatric Private Practice OTs and PTs
Best Practice for Billing, Coding and Documentation.
After years of hearing “what about peds”,  Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR  teamed up with Evelyn Capdevila, PT, MPT to present concrete and actionable information relevant to all pediatric therapists in private practice.

Whether you are in network, out of network (OON), or cash based, it is in everyone’s best interest to have bills properly coded and notes properly written so that our pediatric families have a better chance of getting services rendered paid for, or reimbursed  by, third party carriers. Let’s cut down on denied services, pended bills, under and no reimbursement and audits and make sure that bills and documentation are in compliance! I didn’t know is not a defense and will no longer be an excuse after this you listen to this webinar!


  •  Proper coding in pediatrics including new 2019 codes relevant to pediatrics
  •  What your status as In Network vs. Out of Network (OON) vs. Cash Based vs. Gap Exception Coverage means in terms of billing
  •  How to legally have more than one payment scale for services rendered in your practice including discussion of pre pay and prompt pay discounts
  •  How to write daily and progress notes that supports your bills getting paid or   your families  getting reimbursed
  •  How to write notes that correspond with your billing
  •  What might trigger an audit or peer review of your bills and/or notes
  •  Checklist of what to include in every note
  •  Red flags/triggers
  •  Typical questions from third party payors
  •  Types of information third party payors want to get from evals, notes, plan of cares, progress notes  and discharge notes

The recording is  available 24/7/365, and you can receive a certificate of participation for 2.5 hours. Everyone who purchases it  will get the 3 handouts,  a copy of the 60 slide powerpoint and a 15 page additional handout with over fifty follow up question and answers.

About the Presenters:

Evelyn Capdevila PT, MPT has 25 years of clinical experience is a consultant,reviewer and chart auditor for many third party carriers, including Tivity Health, Dane Street and MCN.Evelyn was a managing partner for 3 pediatric clinics in Miami from 2010-2015.  She is actively consulting for a national franchise therapy clinic to expand their pediatric practice.

Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR.  has 25 plus years of experience as a  private practice consultant after building and selling her practice entity from scratch to a $14M company with a strong pediatric base.  She currently consults over 50 pediatric practices across the USA


Recorded Webinar -What about Peds?? Private Peds Therapists- Best Practice for Documentation, Billing and Coding
Recorded Webinar -What about Peds?? Private Peds Therapists- Best Practice for Documentation, Billing and Coding
Price: $95.00

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