Powerpoint Tutorial Lecture: Forming Strategic Alliances in Health Care: Lessons Learned from Chocolate Covered Pretzels

The reasons for  developing strategic alliances become apparent once you understand the benefits. This powerpoint lecture will  discuss various types of strategic alliances that have proven successful in healthcare, including co-branding, shared locations, and cause –related marketing (CRM).  We will look at specific successful therapist driven alliances established within the last two years that  have be shown to develop customer loyalty, lower operating costs, increase  a client base, and form the foundation for a innovative new  marketing plan.  The  true  “twin-win effect”    will  be explored by examining  specific  alliances among  former therapy direct competitors/frenemies  turned  collaborators,  co-branding and shared locations between Continuum HealthCare Group  and Walgreens, in NY,  and shared innovations between NunoErin Furnture Co. and Beyond Therapy Pediatric Group in Mississippi.

 Healthcare  cost pressures, together with the dynamic nature of the industry makes the  mutually beneficial rewards of a strategic alliance a stronghold in a practice’s  future growth. It is a  positioning tool to enable  a practice to be more  efficient, better adapted and a more  competitive entity. The  key to success  is in knowing how to pick the right “dance” partner, and then how to structure and implement the alliance to create differentiated offerings and generate new forms of business value.

Learner Objectives:

 1. Develop  a working understanding  of what strategic alliances are, their  strategic and business importance and  why  they are a necessity in today’s competitive healthcare market place.

2. Discover how to pick your best “dance partner”, then  structure, implement  and manage your  strategic alliance to  produce the maximum mutually beneficial efforts and results.

3 . Be able to analyze and evaluate different types of strategic alliances, shaped from other industries to determine the best fit for your practice, especially as it relates to marketing  and generating  important forms of business value.


Upon completion, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of participation for 2.0  contact hours for submission for CEU credits, and will have access to the powerpoint 24/7/365!

Therapists will be able to look at “their neck of the woods” and determine the best local entity to approach as a strategic alliance partner. Therapists will be able to evaluate what type of alliance (s)would work best for their needs and how to go about implementing it. Therapists will be able to manage the alliance to produce the maximum mutually beneficial efforts and results.

Presented by Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR
* The information presented is intended for educational and informational purposes services only and does not replace consultations with professionals.

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Strategic Alliances in Health Care - Lessons Learned from Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Strategic Alliances in Health Care - Lessons Learned from Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Price: $50.00

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