Great Rental Opportunities for Pediatric OT and PT in Park Slope Brooklyn

Speak Learn and Play offers play therapy, speech therapy, OT, PT, social skills (play) groups, a summer camp that runs in August and tutoring. They are looking to expand their  practice with more OTs and PTs and have space to rent with flexible days/hours available.  They are located in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn, a family friendly and accessible neighborhood, and there is an opportunity for cross referrals and shared clients.

Rental Includes:

Furnished offices, waiting room and shared staff area
Equipped sensory gym (storage area if practitioner would like to bring their own materials)
Use of space during non-treatment time for office paperwork
Inclusion on website/promotional materials Collaboration with other therapists and disciplines

Rental Rates 9/1/2018- 8/31/2019  

Half Day afternoon (2pm and on)  $485 per month
Half Day morning (morning-2pm)   $410 per month
Full Day Weekday $810 per month
Half Day Weekend $485
Full Day Weekend $810 per month

*Rental Stipulations: -SLP allows for one year rentals with an option for renewal. Days may not be increased/ decreased or changed without penalty. Availability may be limited due to the number of therapists practicing in the space.  One months rent due at time of signing the lease. Payment will be applied to final month of rent.

While they don’t guarantee referrals, they often receive referrals from our website and through the practice as a whole.

For more information- please contact
Nora Fantry
Administrative Assistant.

Speak, Learn, & Play
540 President Street, Ste. 2D
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Tel: (347) 457-5900 Fax: (347) 457-5653


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