High End Tech Physical Therapy Equipment for Sale in NYC including Gait Analysis Lab and 2 Diagnostic Ultrasound Units

A NYC Neuromuscular Clinic is updating their equipment and has a fully functional gait analysis system for sale and diagnostic ultrasound units for sale.
They are willing to install and train you in the system as part of the purchase price. 

The full  SIMI GAIT AND MOTION ANALYSIS system includes:

  1. 2 Camera Tripod Mounting Plate AVT/Basler
  2. 2 Camera Trigger Cable AVT/Basler 20m
  3. 1 Gluerings for marker attachment
  4. 2 Zoom-lens 4.4mm-11mm
  5. 1 Simi Aktisys 2D software
  6. 1 Simi active marker 2D
  7. 1 Simi I/O Box 16 Channel USB
  8. 1 Simi Motion Basic Module 2D
  9. 1 Simi Motion Extension 4- Capturing module analog device
  10. Simi Motion Extension 4a- Analysis for force platforms
  11. Simi Motion Force Plate Systems
  12. 2 Simi System Network Cable 20m
  13. 1 Simi System- Tripod
  14. Workstation Apple iMac
    Ask price: $14,000. owner financing available and cash discount offered. 

    Two  DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND* systems available:  
    1. BK Flex Focus 400- Price:12k(better with cash) 2,5 years old – but only lightly used for 1,5 since we got an update second machine. Two probes: linear 5-18 Mhz and curve 2-6. Mhz. It is in mint condition. Only 50 studies done. Not under warranty anymore.This system is fantastic for high resolution musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound.
      Price:$12,000 with financing available and a cash discount also available.

             2. BK 3500 –  less then 1 ,5 years old,  Brand new condition
    Two probes: linear 5-18 and curve 2-9. Only 50 studies done.
    Not under warranty anymore.

    Price: $18,000 with  financing available and a cash
    discount also available.


  1. AlterG treadmill -$15, 000
  2. FORCE PLATE -AMTI – analog force plate- $9000
  3. Noraxon 4 channel SEMG system- $4000For additional information about any equipment, questions etc or to make arrangements for purchase please call or email:
    917. 880.0138 or email drlevkalika@gmail.com

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