Recording Now Available – Practical Practice Management for Clinical and Non Clinical Administrative Staff


While the core of private practice is clinical care, an efficient and compliant back office business operation is the backbone from which services are rendered. Private practitioners spend so much time honing the clinical skills of their team that they sometimes forget  that your non clinical staff need attention too!   The service experience we offer our patients is multi-faceted, and encompasses front and back office issues.  Patients judge us on MORE than our clinical skills and they evaluate us in unscientific ways The heart of what we do must be understood from the patient’s perspective. Patients judge their experience by the way they are treated as a person, not the way they are treated for their disease.

Part of that experience comes from how “finely tuned” a practice is. My goal is to share some of what I have learned in over 25 years of consulting with practice owners on what best practices can be implemented for a well run practice that embodies the simple notion that happy patients translates into happy staff and happy staff makes happy patients.

This webinar will discuss concrete, specific and very actionable ideas and “practice pointers” with immediate take away value  to implement for both your clinical and non clinical staff.

Does your practice exhibit any of these typical red flags I often see that ignore basic best practices for office management???

Ø  Does your staff offer defenses instead of apologies and concern.

Ø  Is your staff needier than your patients?

Ø  Do patients not come first?

Ø  Do you sometimes feel like policies are made up as you go along?

Topics and Takeaways: Looking at your staff and then at the impact on your patients and the interaction between the two that goes well beyond clinical services

  1.  Creating, monitoring and improving  the “corporate” culture in your practice
  2.  The Patient Service Experience – How to offer superior customer service
  3.  How and why  to delegate decision making in your office
  4.  Honing communication skills in your office
  5.  How to develop a service recovery models to deal with  patient complaints
  6.  Data and information to be aware of in a practice that
    you may not find in a report
  7. How to hold employees accountable while avoiding a “gotcha” moment
  8. The importance of cross training office staff as a tool for engagement

The webinar is relevant for owners, key managers and any clinical and admin staff regardless of whether you have a pediatric or adult practice.  It can also be used as an orientation tool for all new staff coming on board.  You can take a post webinar quiz and  be eligible for a certificate of participation. Fee is $95.

Practice Practice Management for Clinical and Non Clinical Staff
Practice Practice Management for Clinical and Non Clinical Staff
Price: $95.00

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