Occupational Therapists Need a National Database Registry for Consumers to Access!!

Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service is October 27th 2012, and  I can think of no better way to promote OT than by starting the initiative to have a national database of Occupational Therapists for consumers to access.

Two national organizations of other healthcare professionals,  the APTA for physical therapists and ASHA for speech language pathologists both offer  a web based computerized database of therapists, many in private practice, so that consumers can easily seek out and find appropriately experienced therapists in their geographic area.  It is prominently displayed on the home page of their website.
The AOTA to date does not hold such a service out to the public.  Although the AOTA  has gone to great strides to promote OT and  raise awareness of what we do,  we need an easy to access national database so that our consumers can find the best OT to treat them, regardless of where they live. With the Affordable Health Care Act, this will become more and more important!

To get this off the ground, if you would like to be listed in a national database of OTs who want to hold their services out to the public, here is the info we need to get started:

Name of Therapist and /or Practice:

Address, telephone # email address:


Description of services: ( 150 words max)

Either  email me this info directly or request a form to be filled out.
Let’s get this database going – the consumer deserves an easy way to seek us out!
Please spread the word to other OTs who want the public to connect with them!

Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR

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