PT-Helper Makes it Easier for You to Create Home Exercise Programs and For Your Patients to Follow Them!

The days when home exercise programs are not remembered, understood, or adhered to are over!   You can now make it easier for your patients to follow their home exercises, and for you to follow up! Help your patients succeed by subscribing to PT-HelperPT-Helper CONNECT provides you with an easy-to-use web-based exercise prescription service that will synchronize with your patients’ smartphone app.

Overcome the hurdles – PT-Helper addresses all of the hurdles and frustrations that patients encounter when doing their assigned exercises:  Lost exercise sheets/ Not remembering the exercises/ Not understanding the exercises/ Losing track of time and counts/ Forgetting to do their exercises.

    a Web-based exercise prescription service
  • Library of exercises to choose from
  • Highly customizable
  • Create exercise templates for your clinic
  • Unlimited number of patients
  • Print, e-mail, or app download
  • Logo branding
  • Create your own exercises
  • Add your own images and comments
  • View patients’ daily exercise log

One subscription is $8 per month, or $80 per year and you can you use this for unlimited patients per year! What a cost effective way to stay in touch with patients and make sure they are staying on track. 


  • Takes clients through entire exercise routine counting reps, set, hold  time etc.
  • Logo branding
  • 3 Daily reminders
  • Shows exercise history
  • Includes exercise descriptions and comments
  • Enter HEP Code (created in CONNECT) to download prescribed exercise program
  • Add pictures & videos taken on mobile devices

Physical therapists, for $8/month OR $80/year, you will gain access to the CONNECT platform.  Home Exercise Programs can be printed, emailed or downloaded to the PT-Helper mobile app with a unique code.
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