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The webinar was a great success and now you can purchase the recorded version of it and have access to it 24/7/365.

The flip side of clinical and evidence based practice is offering a service experience to match. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Not all that can be counted counts, and not all that counts can be counted.”

As competition for healthcare dollar increases, therapists  must  acknowledge that we provide not only a service, but an experience,  that engages patients on  an emotional, intellectual, and  spiritual level. Service happens outside of you, while an experience happens within.  The consistency, and substance of that experience will likely become the primary differentiator of practices in the future, and the cornerstone of the quality service we provide. The clinical experience we have  does not guarantee the service experience we give. Consider this advance notice: The patient experience will become more and more important in health care; already it is being taken in consideration in Medicare reimbursement to hospitals.

We  will analyze companies who are acknowledged leaders in providing consumers  with  an exemplary  service experience, including Disney, Zappos and Target, and discuss how their strategies can be applied to the practice setting. This includes finding approaches that foster the best behavior in staff, the importance of a patients’ perception of the care they are receiving, how courtesy may be more effective than efficiency,  and why patient loyalty is more important than patient satisfaction.  While services are intangible, the experiences of our patients are memorable, personal and individualized.  Even when we cannot make our patients “better”, we can still  make them “feel” better. Our management skills allow us to do things right, now we also need to  focus on doing the right thing!

This webinar is suitable for both clinical and non clinical staff – everyone  contributes to the service experience.  Goals for the webinar:

  •  Deliver  an understanding  of  the strategic and business importance of fostering the service experience  in healthcare and  why  it is now necessary for private practitioners.
  •  Develop a practical understanding of how to implement programs for clinical and non clinical staff that will enhance the service experience they provide for patients.
  •  Help therapists be able to analyze and evaluate different service  campaigns  from other industries and  apply the concepts  to produce service oriented actionable  goals   and ideas for  practices.
  • Develop your service failure->service recovery model for your staff to follow
  • Turn patients complaints into opportunities
  • Develop patient surveys that work


Put a Little  Disney in Your  Practice –  Looking  at The Service Experience You Provide
Put a Little Disney in Your Practice – Looking at The Service Experience You Provide
Price: $85.00

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