Table of Contents – When a column becomes a body of work

TABLE OF CONTENTS- 76 columns. 76 actionable ideas. Purchase the book now!

Introduction 4
Make it Your Business 5-6
The Shape of Things to Come 6-7
What’s Your Marketing Plan Going to Be 8-9
Independent Contractors vs. Employees 9-10
Can You Replicate Success in Another Location 9-11
Choosing the Legal Structure for Your Practice 12-13
Evaluating Your Position in Managed Care Contracts 14-15
The Fiscally Fit Practice Part I and II 15-18
Protecting Your “Ship” from Mutiny 18-19
Everything You Need to Know about Coding Part I and II 20-23
Preparing to Sell Your Practice 24-25
Applying Stark Law in Your Practice 25-26
Practicing as a Partnership 27-28
Location, Location, Location 29-30
Your Moral Compass 31-32
Opening Your Own Contract Agency.32-33
Medicare Part B Exceptions 33-34
Understanding the Medicare Cap 35-36
Handling No Shows and Cancellation 37-38
Intellectual Property and Copyrights 38-40
Trademarks 101 40-41
Beyond Your Website, Succeed Online 42-43
Global Fees/Flat Fee Methodology, We Must Say No 43-44
Participating IN CMS’s QM Reporting 45-46
Practice Management Software Options Available 46-47
Practice Vital Signs to Be Aware Of 48
Risk Management When Offering Related Services in Your Practice 49-50
NPI Numbers – What You Need to Know 50-51
Understanding Your Malpractice and General Liabilities Insurance Policies 52-53
Value Purchasing Part I and II 53-56
Planning For a Crisis – The Need for a Continuity of Operations Plan 56-57
Private Practice Questions and Answers 58-59
Business Communications Strategies Part I and II 60-63
Managing In Hard Economic Times 63-64
Health Insurance for the Self Employed 65-66
Private Practice – a Family Matter 66-67
Retirement Plans for the Self Employed 67-68
Keeping Employee Records – What You Need to Know Part I and II 69-72
Maintaining Financial Health in Your Practice 73-74
The Need for a Policy and Procedure Manual 74-75
How We Are Shaping OT’s Personna 75-76
Compliance with Marketing and Advertising Plans 76-77
If Disney Ran Your Practice 77-78
Are OT’s Ready to Embrace Direct Access 79-80
Healthcare Reform and Private Practice 80-81
What the New ICD-10 Means to You 82-83
Pursuing a More Perfect Practice 84-85
Plan for Summer 2013 Now 85-86
Whys OTs Need a National Directory to Reach Consumers 86-87
Strategic Alliances in Healthcare – Lessons Learned from the Wizard of Oz 88-89
Patient Satisfaction Takes Center Stage in the Healthcare Arena 89-90
The New Look of Competition.91-92

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